Miscellaneous Services

Enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi internet!


Cable Television Service

Includes: Basic, 2-13, 20-25, 53-60; Cable 1, 14-19; Cable 2, 26-32

Eight month contract (September-April)

  • $276.00, plus PST ($22.08) and GST ($13.80) = $311.88

Click Here For Cable Contract

Please Note: Brandon University Ancillary Services absorbs the cost of connecting and disconnecting cable services in the Residence Complex.


Fridge Rental

Eight month contract (September-April)

  • $112.20 plus PST ($8.98) and GST ($5.61) = $126.79

Please see Residence Office staff to sign up for service.

Click Here For Refrigerator Contract


Laundry Facilities

No need to find money between the couch cushions.

Our washers and dryers are not coin or card operated. Just bring soap!

Flora Cowan Hall and Darrach Hall’s laundry facilities are located in the basement. McMaster students can find their laundry facilities on every even numbered floor (2,4,6,8,10). Please feel free to use the facilities that best accommodate you.

If you notice a machine is not working optimally, please come see the staff at the Ancillary Office to submit a work order or email ancillary@brandonu.ca