Smoking Policy


As per the Brandon University Board of Governors Smoking Policy (updated November 23 rd, 2006) the Residence Smoking Policy is the responsibility of the Director of Ancillary Services.


Residence: Any of the three residence buildings commonly identified as McMaster Hall, Darrach Hall, and Flora Cowan Hall.

Smoking: Being in possession or having care of a lit cigarette, cigar, pipe, or other item containing tobacco or cannabis-based substance, or any substances consumed by combustion followed by inhalation.


There are no designated smoking areas in Residence.  There is no smoking in any of the three Brandon University residence buildings.

Failure to Comply:  Resident

Failure to comply with this policy is cause for eviction from Residence, as per clause 7 of the Residence Agreement, which states, “The student covenants and agrees with the University…to ensure that neither he nor she nor his or her guests or invitees creates a nuisance or disturbance affecting other licensed areas of the Residence.”

Failure to Comply:  Visitor

Failure to comply with this policy will result in revocation of visiting privileges to the Brandon University Residences.