Academic Adjustments

Fall 2020 Term will be delivered mostly online

  • Brandon University’s Fall Term will see instruction that is mostly delivered online. A limited number of classes, labs, studios, or practicums may need to be held in-person. These exceptions, when known, will be posted in the online registration guide.
  • Several administrative and academic working groups are developing recommendations, in consultation with representatives from all areas of campus, for Senate and the President’s Administrative Council. Detailed plans for the Fall Term will continue to be developed through June and will be shared in early July. Faculty should begin discussions with their chairs and deans about their course plans, and the resources they will need.
  • This fall, we expect most services, including student services like advising and educational library services will continue to be offered largely online. Residence and Food Services we expect to be open, although capacities may be limited. Return of more people to campus will be determined based on public health guidance and campus modifications, and will be communicated as early as possible.

Registration — Fall 2020

Courses and classes — Spring/Summer 2020

  • There will be no in-person delivery of spring/summer courses, including PENT and EAP.
  • Some courses, including in PENT and EAP, will be delivered through alternate methods. Many are already offered online, and these will not change.

        Academic accommodations

        • For students who have accommodations granted through Student Accessibility Services, those accommodations will remain in effect.
        • Anyone with questions about how those accommodations may be affected by these changes should contact Student Accessibility Services.

            Thank you!

            We deeply appreciate the resourcefulness and flexibility shown by all members of the BU community in crafting solutions to these vexing challenges. There are many courses where in-person instruction, participation, or assessment is at the core of your experience. Thankfully, creative solutions have been found to bridge the gap between now and the scheduled end of term. Thank you to everyone for your tremendous efforts to make this happen.

            We are taking these extraordinary measures as part of our responsibility to keep our entire community safe while also ensuring that students can complete their terms.