Employee Resources

During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Brandon University is encouraging all employees to work from home if they are able. By continuing to reduce the number of people who must come to campus, we are keeping it as safe as possible for those whose work must be done on campus.

This is not a one-size-fits all solution, and we know that you will have many questions about how this works for you, and for your area. You and your supervisor will work out the details that are appropriate for your role and supervisors are being provided work-from-home guidelines to assist with these discussions. While we don’t have all the answers to every question, Brandon University is working hard to provide support and clarity for all our employees.

Many of you want to know what to do to stay safe. You also want to know what Brandon University is doing to safeguard you and your family’s health and safety. Along with these fundamental concerns, you are also worried about the nuts and bolts about coming to work, about your paycheques, and about balancing your work with personal responsibilities like child care or self-isolation.

Working From Home

Can you work from home at this time? To help guide you through this transition, please see the Conditions for Work Arrangements.

When to Work From Home

Frequently Asked Questions

We have also created an FAQ to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Brandon University’s response to the pandemic.


Accessing BU Online

Many of the information and computer services at BU can be accessed from off campus. Brandon University IT Services has a guide to help set up remote computer access.

How to Connect

Mental Wellness

We know that this is a situation that can cause anxiety and concern. We want to support all employees through this challenging time, and are encouraging a flexible approach as we work through this together.

More Info

Accommodating Students with Disabilities Online

Online learning raises a number of questions for both faculty and students, particularly to ensure students continue to receive their academic accommodations.

Accommodate Students

Research Guidelines During the Pandemic

The Office of Research Services has produced Brandon University Research Guidelines for COVID-19.

Research Office

These will not answer every question, and they will not address every situation. You should speak with your supervisor or manager about specifics for your job. We are encouraging a flexible response as we work through this together.

This remains an extremely fluid situation, and above all else, we encourage everyone to continue to practice strategies to slow the spread of coronavirus, including social distancing.

Thank you for your patience and resourcefulness during this challenging time.