Mental Wellness

Please, take care of your mental wellbeing as much as you do your physical health.

We know that this is a situation that can cause anxiety and concern. We want to support all employees through this challenging time, and are encouraging a flexible approach as we work through this together.

BU employees and eligible family members can access supports, including counselling, through Homewood Health. Access their resources online at or by phoning their toll-free number 24/7 at 1-800-663-1142.

Homewood also offers an Online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy called i-Volve — a bilingual, web-based solution designed to treat employees struggling with anxiety and/or mild depression. This innovative treatment program will guide your through exercises that examine and test how you interpret and perceive external stimulation. These insights will help you change and adapt the ways in which they think, feel, and react during anxious scenarios and situations. i-Volve will help you to identify, challenge and overcome anxious thoughts, behaviours and emotions. Register at

For many of us, working from home brings new challenges. Homewood Health has provided some information on staying productive and motivated while working from home.

The Canadian Mental Health Association has also provided a set of tips to respond to employee anxiety about COVID-19.

And, among the many resources online, here is a list of ways to stay emotionally healthy during the coronavirus outbreak from Psychology Today magazine.