Committee Members


Susan Smale, Director of Business Operations


Sally Spiss, Accountant, Financial & Registration Services SpissS@BrandonU.CA Administration
Genevieve Maltais Lapointe, Research Analyst, Institutional Data & Analysis       (Worker)

Tanya Joice, Computer Lab Support Analyst, Information Technology MGEU

 Employer Members

Member Alternate Occupation
 VACANT Jackie Nichol, Manager,

Ancillary Services NicholJ@BrandonU.CA

 Ancillary Services
Scott Lamont, Vice-President, Administration & Finance Allison Noto, Director, Financial & Registration Services Administration
Michael McCormick, Director, Physical Plant Alvin Puhach, Director, Physical Plant PuhachA@BrandonU.CA Physical Plant
Dr. Bernadette Ardelli, Dean, Faculty of Science ArdelliB@BrandonU.CA Dr. Linda Ross, Acting Dean of Health Studies Dean
VACANT Eva Goulet, Director, IPC Student Services/Indigenous Peoples’ Centre


Worker Members

Member Alternate Union
Ashley Taron, Executive Director, BUSU Robert Madsen, Advocacy & Services Coordinator, BUSU BUSU
Doug Pople, Career Planning Officer Etsuko Yasui, Associate Professor

Brent Cuvelier, Carpenter, Physical Plant Tyler Gagnon, Lead Hand IUOE-A
VACANT Blanca Garcia, BSW


VACANT Bailey Cole, Steward of the Union


 Ex-officio Members

Member Alternate Occupation
Michelle Augustyn, Safety & Health

Advisor, Physical Plant

Not applicable Resource
Donna Neufeld, Administration & Finance Not applicable Resource

WSH Committee Membership updated October 2021