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Location of Workplace Safety and Health Bulletin Boards

Building Location
Clark Hall Main Floor, at entrance to mailroom/print shop(Rm #121)
Education Building Main Floor, beside the entrance to the main office(Rm #102)
Health Studies Second Floor, student/computer area of new building (Rm #223)
Main Floor, print room (Rm # 113)
McKenzie Building Main Floor, in front of Dean of students office (Rm #105-1)
Knowles Douglas Lower level, mingling area beside the bookstore
Dinning Room/Kitchen Staff room in kitchen
Health Living Center Main Floor, Staff Room (Rm #101H)
Physical Plant Main Floor, outside key room
McMaster Hall Main Concourse, south of Ancillary office (Rm #M1-1)
Library Main Floor, north end of circulation desk
Music Building Main Floor, across from back door/elevator
Jeff Umphrey Centre Basement, to the right of spray Rm #013
Brodie Building Main Concourse, close to elevators