Review information and submit application

Submitting your application is a two-step process.  First, click the Submit Application button:


On the application review page:

1.) Verify:

  1. That your address is current and correct;
  2. That all the awards you have applied for appear in the list;
  3. That your uploaded supporting documents appear in the list (if applicable):

2.) If you have applied for bursaries or scholarship-bursaries, you must complete the online budget to self-declare your financial need.

Include all estimated expenses and resources for the Regular Session (September through April). You may return to your application at any time to edit this information.


3.) Answer all the Declaration questions and click Submit Application.


4.) Receive confirmation that your application submitted properly.


If you applied only for scholarships OR  you have self-declared financial need for bursaries or scholarship-bursaries:



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