Calculation of Grade XI and Grade XII Averages for Scholarship Purposes

Grade XII averages will be calculated using the best five Grade XII courses, with four courses required to be from the following list. Where an average based on Grade XI marks is required, an analogous calculation will be employed, using the Grade XI equivalents (where they exist) to the courses on the list.

Approved 40S credits:

  • Accounting Systems 40S
  • Anglais 40S
  • Art 40S
  • Biology 40S
  • Chemistry 40S
  • Computer Science 40S
  • Dramatic Arts 40S
  • Economics 40S
  • English 40s (one or two credits)
  • Family Studies 40S
  • French/Francais 40S (or other 40S language course)
  • Geography 40S
  • History of Western Civilization 40S
  • Law 40S
  • Mathematics:  Applied Mathematics 40S or Pre-Calculus Mathematics 40S.  (Essential Mathematics, also known as Consumer Mathematics, is not an approved course.)
  • Music 40S (One of:  Band, Choral, Guitar, Strings or Private Music Option)
  • Physics 40S
  • World Issues 40S

In all cases, the Registrar is empowered to authorize such variations as may be necessary to reflect the course schedules of individual high schools.