Glossary of Common Scholarship and Bursary Terms

The following is a list words you will see frequently used in Terms of Reference for awards at Brandon University. If you require further explanation, please do not hesitate to call the Scholarship Office at (204) 727-9737.

Award Categories:

Athletic Award: A monetary incentive based on criteria established by the Athletics Award Committee. Criteria takes into consideration the added responsibility of representing Brandon University as a student-athlete.

Award: A monetary incentive based on criteria other than academic performance or financial need, or a monetary incentive for non-academic Brandon University programs.

Bursary: A monetary incentive with criteria based on financial need.

Medal, Book, Certificate or Prize: Non-monetary accolades for academic performance.

Renewable: An award given over a period of years, provided the recipient continues to meet the award’s Terms of Reference.

Scholarship: A monetary incentive with criteria based on academic performance.

Scholarship/Bursary: A monetary incentive with criteria based on a combination of academic performance and financial need. One may take precedence over the other.

Student Year:

Continuing: A student not in their first academic year and who is required to be registered in the upcoming regular session.

Entering: A student newly admitted to Brandon University for the upcoming regular session, in most cases from a secondary school. (Note: students who transfer in courses from another institution are usually considered to be “continuing” students.)

Graduating: A student expected to complete their degree in the upcoming regular session; may or may not be expected to enrol in post-graduate studies.

Masters, Post-Diploma or Graduate Diploma: A student who has completed a first degree and is registered in a second or further degree.

Student Categories:

International student: For scholarship, bursary and award purposes, a student who is not a Canadian citizen either by birth or by permanent residence status. (Should your tuition amounts show “Visa Premiums”, you will likely qualify for these awards, but no others.)

Mature student: Those students who are at least 21 years of age by the last date of examinations for their first session at Brandon University. *Please refer to section 3.1.3 of the most current General Calendar for additional information.