In order to kick off the strategic planning process, we need to hear from you. We will consult throughout the process. Yet we need you to help set the stage. Your responses will help the Strategic Plan Advisory Committee (SPAC) form the first draft of a goal-driven document. It will inform SPAC of your values, your principles and where you see Brandon University in 2030.

We will use your views to lay down the foundation of our future. Please take the time to focus on what you believe is critical to our success and the success of our communities. Be aspirational, be bold, be engaged.

Advisory committee

The Strategic Plan Advisory Committee will assist the executive in the crafting of our goals and strategic direction, based on the results of wide consultation.


Direct feedback

Brandon University is committed to hearing from a wide diversity of voices as we develop a strategic plan to guide us for the next decade.

Share your voice

Events and meetings

Join us at a series of events to participate in a live discussion about the future of BU.

Share in person

What If?

Every week, Brandon University will email out an open-ended possibility, asking you to imagine what Brandon University might be like if we pursued some possible course of action.

What If?