Oct. 7 — Maclean’s rankings

Every Monday as we continue wide consultations preparing the development of a Strategic Plan, we will post a What If question. These are designed to engage you in blue-sky thinking and dreaming about the possibilities for the future, and to spark discussion about how we might achieve that future. These questions will also be emailed to the campus. Every Friday, we will sum up the feedback.

This week:

What If BU specifically targeted our Maclean’s ranking?

On Thursday, the 2020 Maclean’s University Rankings were released, and Brandon University sat where we generally do: Near the bottom overall, with bright spots in some areas where we have chosen to focus our efforts. While there are many criticisms of the rankings and the Maclean’s methodology, many people across Canada pay attention to the rankings as indicators of overall quality and reputation, and the rankings may affect Brandon University’s ability to attract students, faculty and staff, as well as donations, research dollars, and other funding.

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