Previous plans

Brandon University has been without a full institutional strategic plan for some time. However, that doesn’t mean we have been rudderless.

Please review these previous plans and refamiliarize yourself with the efforts and vision that have and continue to guide us as we prepare for our next step.

Academic Plan

The Academic Plan orients us to opportunities for serving and meeting the needs of students and society within the context of the post-secondary education system within Manitoba. It concludes in 2020.

Our academic plan

Campus Master Plan

Brandon University’s Campus Master Plan lays out a long-term vision for the physical growth and enhancement of our campus, through the 2040s and beyond.

Our campus plan

Economic Impact

The economic impact of Brandon University was calculated based on 2014–15 data to be more than $417 million every year.

Our economic impact

Strategic Research Plan

The Strategic Research Plan 2014-2017 describes the vision for research at Brandon University based on major objectives and a main research priority area. A new one is under development.

Our research plan (pdf)

Other plans and mission statements

Many academic and administrative units are guided by their own plans, as well.