Strategic Plan Advisory Committee

The Strategic Plan Advisory Committee  will assist the executive in the crafting of our goals and strategic direction, based on the results of wide consultation. The SPAC will also assist in additional rounds of consultation and ensuring that feedback received is appropriately integrated.

The SPAC was established by PEC to be broadly representative of the community and includes members chosen by the Board of Governors, senior administration, faculty members, an academic/professional association representative, non-academic staff members, Deans’ Council members, alumni representatives, a BU Foundation representative, and students chosen by both BUSU and by Deans’ Council.

Members of the Strategic Plan Advisory Committee are:

  • David Docherty, President (and Chair of the SPAC)
  • Steve Robinson, VP Academic & Provost
  • Scott Lamont, VP Administration & Finance
  • Chris Lagimodiere, Director, Indigenous Peoples’ Centre
  • Katie Gross, Dean of Students
  • Julee Galvin, Board of Governors Representative
  • Trudy Corbett, Board of Governors Representative
  • Jonathan Allan, Faculty of Arts Representative
  • Alysha Farrell, Faculty of Education Representative
  • Nancy McPherson, Faculty of Health Studies Representative
  • Aaron Wilson, School of Music Representative
  • Shannon Gadbois, Faculty of Science Representative
  • Joan Garbutt, AA/PA Representative
  • Erica Brown, Non-Academic Staff Representative
  • Val Rodgers, Non-Academic Staff Representative
  • Greg Gatien, Deans’ Council Representative
  • Patrick McBurnie, Student-at-large
  • Whitney Hodgins, BUSU Representative
  • Bill Myers, Foundation Representative
  • Stephen Montague, Alumni Association Representative
  • Chad McNish, Alumni Association Representative

Resource support will be provided to the Committee by both Communications and the Office of the President.