Brandon University is committed to producing a draft Strategic Plan for presentation to the Board of Governors by June or September 2020.

To meet this ambitious goal, we have a timeline that includes extensive consultation through online and in-person formats. We will be guided by a Strategic Plan Advisory Committee to assist the executive in conducting consultations and reviewing feedback.

Broadly, the development of the BU Strategic Plan will take place in four stages. There will be overlap between and among these stages, and all dates are tentative.

  • Stage One — Initial consultation

    • Launch of the consultation process (GFC, late August 2019)
    • Garnering initial ideas (underway)
    • Form Strategic Plan Advisory Committee (in progress)
    • Discussion documents (September–October 2019)
    • Invite early input from the community (until at least mid-October)
    • Meet with various stakeholders across campus
  • Stage Two — High-level priorities

    • Strategic Plan Advisory Committee to draft possible Strategic Directions (late fall 2019)
    • Circulate to community and invite feedback
    • Revise Strategic Directions
  • Stage Three — Draft and revise plan

    • Strategic Plan Advisory Committee to draft Strategic Plan (beginning early 2020)
    • Circulate to community and consult with stakeholders (Spring 2020)
    • Final revisions (Summer 2020)
  • Stage Four — Approve plan

    • Present Strategic Plan to Board/Senate for approval (by Fall 2020)

Throughout this process, updates will be provided to BU community and to the Board of Governors on the progress of the plan development.

Once a BU Strategic Plan is developed, emphasis will shift to implementing it and to reporting on our progress in achieving its aims.