Nov. 18 — Perfect student mix

Each week, as part of our wide consultations as we prepare to develop a Strategic Plan, we pose a challenge to the campus: What If?

Last week, we asked What If BU had the perfect mix of students?

Although we noted in the preamble last week that there were many ways to address this question (demographics, course of study, student origin, etc.), few people directly engaged with that premise. In fact, this was the lightest response rate to any What If we have had so far. That may be an indication that, at this busy time of the year, it is difficult to grapple with yet another complicated question that has no right or wrong answer.

Those who did respond emphasized Brandon University’s history as an open-access institution, welcoming to all. The clear consensus among those who responded was that we should continue to open our doors to everyone, while striving for a diverse student population.

Of course, being an open-access institution doesn’t prevent us from trying to grow in specific ways that we believe will benefit us, and diversity can mean many things. In previous What Ifs, responses have told us that we would value more graduate students, and more Indigenous presence, for example. We have also heard a longstanding need for continuing education and professional development offerings, which implies a mix that includes more part-time and generally older students.

As always, if you missed last week’s What If or if you have additional thoughts, you can continue to participate below. All answers are tracked, shared with the Strategic Plan Advisory Committee, and are important considerations in laying the ground work for Brandon University’s future plan.

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