Nov. 25 — What If?

Every Monday as we continue wide consultations preparing the development of a Strategic Plan, we will post a What If question. These are designed to engage you in blue-sky thinking and dreaming about the possibilities for the future, and to spark discussion about how we might achieve that future. These questions will also be emailed to the campus. Every Friday, we will sum up the feedback.

This week is the final What If question for the fall semester:

What If you could write your own What If?

Over the past three months, we have sent you 10 different What If questions. You have told us some hopes and aspirations for transformational change and remarkable impact. You have shared candid thoughts about BU today and in the future. You have reinforced our commitment to truth and reconciliation, to expanded access for students, and to our educational and research quality. You have proposed future fundraising priorities to help make all of these a priority. Thank you for the consideration and dedication that you have shown in answering these many questions so comprehensively. It is proof that the Brandon University community cares deeply about this institution and is invested in our future success.

Now, it is time to the reins over to you. What have we missed? What questions should we be asking, to help gather the dreams and foresight that we need to spark conversation around our Strategic Plan? What areas are you interested in that haven’t yet been addressed? How could we probe Brandon University to help us gain insight about the coming decade and how our Strategic Plan can help us achieve that.

  • Please help us understand the context of your answers and categorize them with some basic information about your relationship with BU. This is optional, however you must still click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page to send us your answers.