Oct. 7 — Maclean’s rankings

Two weeks ago, we asked you What If Brandon University specifically targeted our Maclean’s ranking?

Answers were wide-ranging and passionate. There was broad agreement on three main points:

  • Brandon University should do what is best for Brandon University, not necessarily what is best for Maclean’s. We are the best judge of our needs and capabilities
  • The Maclean’s survey, though flawed, remains an important barometer — not because it is accurate, but because it is consulted. We cannot and should not ignore our rankings
  • Whether through the Maclean’s rankings or not, we should do more promotion of BU, of our strengths and successes.  This promotion should be done both internally and nationally, both in the news media and among fellow academics

Many of your suggestions acknowledged our limitations. You were candid about our budget, our resources, and our location. Yet you continued to dream big! Your detailed opinions tended to cluster around two main options. Some of you believe strongly that Brandon University needs to grow, with new programs, increased research, more students, and national promotions. Others believe just as strongly that Brandon University needs to focus on our current strengths, to zero in on what we do best, and that we can find a better balance between our existing unique features and an achievable ambition.

This is the start of an interesting discussion that could be fundamental to how Brandon University approaches our future. Despite the superficial differences between “do more” and “do better” there remains the common thread that we have seen in all the What If answers so far: A desire to push BU to “do right.” Harnessing this love for and commitment to our institution will be a big part in determining the success of our Strategic Plan.

Thank you for being a part of this What If. If you missed it, or if you have additional thoughts, you can continue to participate below.

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