Sept. 16 — Transformational change

Last Monday, as part of our wide consultations as we prepare to develop a Strategic Plan, we pose a challenge to the campus: What If?

This week, we asked you What If Brandon University underwent one transformative change over the next decade? What might that be, and how could we achieve it?

Your responses were remarkable. There is no shortage of ambitious ideas to transform not just how our campus looks and feels, but how it operates and is organized.  While the details of your proposals were each unique, there were some common themes.

  • Meaningful progress towards reconciliation
  • Enhanced processes and better use of technology to improve the student, faculty, and staff experience
  • Modernized physical infrastructure
  • Innovative programming, particularly in graduate studies
  • Expanded commitment to research
  • Greater sense of pride and more supportive campus culture
  • Robust experiential learning and co-operative education programming

Along with your ideas, many of you contributed thoughtful roadmaps for how we could achieve these dreams, and had clearly considered ways to integrate these transformations in a respectful fashion.  Many of you pointed to the need for employee support, though training and development opportunities and by ensuring that units are adequately staffed with appropriately trained personnel.  You also suggested studying the examples set by leading institutions as well as placing an emphasis on fundraising to back important initiatives at BU.  These are all important points to consider as we move forward.

Thank you for being a part of this What If. If you missed it, or if you have additional thoughts, you can continue to participate below.

  • Please help us understand the context of your answers and categorize them with some basic information about your relationship with BU. This is optional, however you must still click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page to send us your answers.