Sept. 23 — Fundraising priorities

Each Monday, as part of our wide consultations as we prepare to develop a Strategic Plan, we pose a challenge to the campus: What If?

Last week, we asked you What If Brandon University prioritized our fundraising? What priorities should we turn our attention to?

Once again, last week’s question drew forth a large number of thoughtful and well-considered responses from staff, faculty, students and donors. There is extremely strong (unanimous across all responses) support for fundraising in general and for increasing our fundraising efforts. This echoes what was voiced at this year’s GFC. Fundraising is seen as a way to support ambitious new initiatives as well as to further augment and improve our core strengths.

Three strands were woven through this week’s responses:

  • Student support … including traditional scholarships and bursaries, as well as new opportunities like research and travel and expanded opportunities for experiential learning
  • Infrastructure improvements … from the large scale of new or renovated buildings, to lab equipment and computer technology
  • Research expansion … a repeated theme was endowed chairs as well as research that is connected to our community

Many of you used the ‘What If’ question to explore larger issues of what we as a university should and do value; prioritizing our fundraising in that sense becomes a way for us to emphasize and cultivate those values, both here on campus and in our community, as well as in our relationships with donors.

Thank you for being a part of this What If. If you missed it, or if you have additional thoughts, you can continue to participate below.

  • Please help us understand the context of your answers and categorize them with some basic information about your relationship with BU. This is optional, however you must still click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page to send us your answers.