Sept. 9 — One-word challenge

The first of a regular weekly series, we asked you What If you could only describe Brandon University today using one word? What word would you choose? Why? We also asked how you’d describe BU in the future. Here’s what we heard:

BU today:

BU today word cloud

BU in the future:

BU future word cloud

Many of you contributed multiple words and your thoughtful responses detailed what you found compelling about your choices.  What we noticed was a wide range of views on where we currently stand as a university, but very similar outlooks as to where we could be, and should be, in the future.

We heard many words that reflected our strength as a close-knit and collaborative university, where students, faculty and staff can feel at home and welcomed. The potential of BU, as a leader in our community, and in wider academic circles through our research and teaching, was also a common thread among responses.

We also heard the need for great vision and ambition to achieve this potential. You told us that we need to be responsive to the ideas and needs of our faculty and staff, and to refine our institutional culture in order to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Beyond your aspirations for Brandon University itself, many of you also emphasized the importance of preparing our students to thrive after graduation, while helping them forge connections with BU and with the community.

Despite varying opinions, the overwhelming majority of you expressed a shared desire to build BU into a modern and model institution among smaller universities across Canada. To do this we need to be nimble, confident and creative, welcoming of change while also embracing what makes us unique, including the opportunities that we have as a small university to connect with our students, our colleagues and our community.

Thank you for being a part of the first What If. If you missed it, or if you have additional thoughts, you can continue to participate below.

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