Let’s bring some positivity to our timelines. The “Look Forward To” campaign asks you to share on social media what you’re most eager for in the future, and to tag the friends and family you want to enjoy it with. The burden of the pandemic is falling disproportionately on women’s shoulders, but research shows that thinking optimistically about the future and setting goals can help manage anxiety and stress in the present.

It’s easy to participate — using one of the graphics below if you choose, simply write out what you are looking forward to once again being able to do when the pandemic is over, and tag the people you want to do it with. It can be as simple as getting together for a meal, or as elaborate as a huge vacation – it’s about you.

Copy and paste this template:

Let’s bring some positivity to our timelines! When this pandemic is over, I look forward to …

What do you look forward to? Copy, paste and share. Make sure to tag the people you look forward to getting together with!

Use these official campaign graphics (right-click to download):

Use the hashtag #LookForwardTo to share your optimism with us. We look forward to seeing all the plans you have in store!