Integrated Strategic Planning

Integrated Strategic Planning Steering Committee Membership

Guided by the Brandon University Vision/Mission Statement and Senate Approved Academic Planning Framework, the Integrated Strategic Planning Steering Committee is an Ad Hoc Committee of Senate established to conduct the Brandon University Academic Planning process and is comprised of no more than 23 members with representatives drawn as follows:

1. Five members nominated by Faculty Councils to represent each of the Faculty of Arts, Education, Health Studies, and Science as well as the School of Music. Here and in what follows, nominees will be normally elected.

2. Three students nominated from amongst undergraduate and graduate programs with at least one being nominated by the Brandon University Student Union and, ideally, with a graduate student also represented;

3. Two members nominated by the Senate, including one member being the Board’s representative to the Senate;

4. Three members with two members being nominated from amongst the Faculty Deans and one member being the Associate Vice-President (Student Services and Enrolment Management) and University Registrar;

5. Up to four members in total being nominated by the Curriculum and Academic Planning Committee of Senate; Senate Graduate Studies Committee, Research Committee of Senate and the International Activities Committee;

6. One member nominated from amongst the Senate Sub-committees of The Library Committee, Scholarship Medals & Awards Committee and Athletic Awards Committee;

7. Two non-voting members named from the University Alumni and City of Brandon community;

8. Up to two additional non-voting members or experts named as needed in support of the Committee’s work nominated by the Chair and/or President; and

9. The Steering Committee is Chaired by the Vice-President (Academic & Provost).

The Committee shall adhere to the following values and principles:

• The Committee members ought to conduct all deliberations in a collegial and inclusive manner that supports the Vision/Mission and Values of the University and upholds the Policies of Senate;

• The Committee ought to reflect the diversity of the university community, including the University’s commitment to embracing cultural diversity and to the education of First Nations, Métis and Inuit people.

Senate establishes the Integrated Strategic Planning Steering Committee to conduct the University Academic Planning process, including drafting the Academic Plan every three or five years. The Steering Committee is anticipated to meet on a monthly basis, unless otherwise determined by the Committee Chair or recommended/advised by Senate, until the University Academic Plan is approved by Senate. The period for the work of the Steering Committee to be completed shall normally be no more than a single academic year.

Senate will re-establish an Integrated Strategic Planning Steering Committee to conduct a review and to monitor progress achieved in relation to the key institutional priorities (e.g., goals or objectives) in the second to last year of the Senate Approved Academic Plan. A progress report will be submitted by the Committee Chair to the President and Senate within the academic year the review was initiated.