Workplace Wellness Task Force

The Workplace Wellness Task Force (WWTF) is made up of representatives from a wide range of work units across the university. Members represent a range of stakeholders, including employer and union leadership, faculty and staff. The WWTF collaborated with the university community to assess current status and develop action plans. Members guide implementation of the action plan and provide linkage with the university community.

If you have comments or ideas to share, please contact anyone below:

Member Department/Unit Email
Sharon Hooper Human Resources
Andrea Cruise Human Resources
Andrée Dagenais Music
Carla Navid VP Academic&Provost office
Darlene Paquette Health Studies
Debra Dusome Health Studies
Denise Merrill Physical Plant
Grant Hamilton Communications
Greg Gatien Music
Kim Fallis Registrar’s Office
Marian Ramage Library
Mary Smith Health Studies
Rob Henderson Communications
Roberta Graham Health Studies
Shannon Gadbois Science
Sheilagh Grills Student Services
Sherry Sawatzky-Dyck Student Services
Steven Robinson VP Academic & Provost’s office