Communication & Collaboration

All members of the campus community play an important role in creating and maintaining a positive and productive work and learning environment. Gathering and sharing information is critical to coordinating action across a large and diverse institution like Brandon University.  A number of strategies have been, or are being, used to gather and share information.

Guarding Minds@Work Survey – The Guarding Minds@Work Survey is a validated instrument designed to assess each of the 13 factors known to influence psychological health and safety. Information is available about responses by Canadian employees, which enabled comparison of results at Brandon University with national results. The survey was conducted in April 2014, and about half of all BU employees responded, with good participation across units.

Survey results  for the university as a whole were shared with the university community at a series of Town-Hall meetings. Unit-specific information was provided for several faculties and work units. The senior administrator for each unit has a copy of the unit-specific results. Contact your unit administrator if you want to see the results for your unit. If you need assistance then please let us know. 

Town-Hall Workshops – Five town-hall workshops were held with the campus community between June and September 2014. Workshops included sharing results of the Guarding Minds@Work Survey, and obtaining information on priorities for action. Results were then considered by the Workplace Wellness Task Force and were forged into objectives and targets for action .

Campus-wide Updates – Periodic updates are distributed to the campus community using the university email list, and outreach to people who do not have easy access to email.

Ongoing Dialogue – Originally, the Workplace Wellness Task Force represented a wide range of work units across the university.  The Task Force has evolved into the BU Wellness Committee with continued representation from across campus. Members will  provide linkage with the university community. Committee members will routinely share information with their work unit, and bring ideas and concerns from their work unit to the Wellness Committee meetings. Members of the campus community are also welcome to share or request information.

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