Samantha Perreault

Samantha Perrault

What Education have you taken?

I have been enrolled at Brandon University for two years and have been pleasantly surprised by how much I love learning.  I chose to major and minor in my favourite topics to discuss, read, and think about; psychology and religion.  I feel as if I have always had an interest in these matters, but did not know how to put it to use until I found university.  As I enter courses and acquire knowledge throughout each, I continue to be thrilled about the real life issues at question and I yearn for more.

What accomplishments are you proud of?

So far I have accomplished several volunteer opportunities that I am proud of.  I have offered my service at Brandon Humane Society, Wawanesa Personal care home, and Child and Family Services.  I plan to lend a helping hand in the future when other volunteer opportunities arise.  I am very pleased to have been nominated as an Exceptional Female student of 2015 in honour of International Woman’s Day.  This deed presents me with a profound intrinsic reward that strengthens my motivation to continue moving forward with my education.  An expression of gratitude goes out to the one who has nominated me.

Tell me about yourself and your philosophy in life.

I graduated high school seven years ago anticipating the day I could break free from the constraints of adolescence.  I had no plans of the future and set off in the world of labour.  I did not get very far and it was not long until I was struck by a life threatening accident.  I spent the next five years rehabilitating myself physically and mentally.  Finally enlightenment reached me in such a way that my new purpose was to educate myself and to gain the most knowledge that I am willing to be open to.  From what I have learned thus far, what makes sense to me is to seek truth through logic and reason.  I think truth comes from questioning ideals, beliefs, traditions, and authority and I will not stop there.  Awareness in one’s “self” and surroundings is what I practice and believe it is a tool for one’s advancement.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

I have planned to commit myself to many years of education and growth, although I hope it never ends.

Nominator’s comments:

Sam is a very serious and committed student. She is well organized and has an evident zeal for scholarship.  During the course of our discussions, she has demonstrated a passion for learning that I find to be increasingly rare among undergraduates. She is eager to clarify her understanding of the course material and works diligently to master the formalisms inherent in statistics. I have no doubt that she will excel in her undergraduate studies. Accordingly, I pleased to nominate Sam with my strongest recommendation.