EmpCenter® Workforce Management Software

EmpCenter® is Brandon University’s Time and Attendance system that replaces the old paper Payroll Information/Time Sheet (PITS) form.    The automated system eliminates many manual processes resulting in a significant reduction of time required to process payroll and streamlining many other processes and reporting requirements to the benefit of the University and its employees.   Some examples of the automated processes that would benefit employees include timely and accurate records for reporting time worked including overtime, automated time off requests, and the ability to view current and accurate records of time balances such as vacation time.

To start using EmpCenter, click on this link and save it in your favourites.

EmpCenter Frequently Asked Questions

Empcenter is accessible from any computer on Brandon University’s network.    To access EmpCenter from off campus, a VPN connection to BU is required.    Directions on how to create a VPN is located on the IT Helpdesk web at https://www.brandonu.ca/helpdesk/staff/vpn-instructions/ (use #2 or #3).