BU Residence upgrading to latest wireless technology

June 18, 2021

The BU Bobcat mascot stands under a sign that says "Welcome to BU Residence"
Students living in Residence will benefit from better wi-fi performance this fall.

Students living in Residence at Brandon University (BU) will return in the fall to find significantly upgraded internet performance.

The University is working this summer to update the wireless network in its residence buildings to the latest standard, Wi-Fi 6. The project includes improving equipment, optimizing placement of the wireless access points in the buildings, and upgrading the backbone of the network that transports data to and from the internet.

By utilizing the latest technology, the network will be able to connect more devices while limiting slowdowns or drops.

“By optimizing wireless access point placement, we’re going to give our residents better wi-fi signal coverage and more stability for all of their devices,” said Michael Leroy, BU’s Co-ordinator of Networks and Operations, who oversaw the technical side of the upgrade. “We will be able to provide an “at home” network experience for our residents by allowing their devices to be able to talk to all their other devices, and nobody else’s. They’ll be able to keep their devices secure while also providing the most flexibility and usability in the network.”

The upgrade, which is expected to be in place before the end of the summer, has been a joint initiative of the University and its Ancillary Services, Information Technology Services, and Physical Plant.

“We’re very excited to see these upgrades happening as student experience in residence is heavily reliant on technology,” said Jackie Nichol, Manager of Ancillary Services, which operates BU’s residence buildings. “Students expect to be able to connect laptops, phones, smart TVs and printers, and this allows them to do that while preventing any other user from connecting to them. It’s going to bring us to an exceptional level of service on a network that will stay current for years to come.”

Residence is home away from home for hundreds of Brandon University and Assiniboine Community College students each year. For more information on BU’s residence facilities, visit BrandonU.ca/residence.