Creative Arts

The 4-year B.A. in Creative Arts is intended for students seeking breadth of preparation in the Fine and Performing Arts. Students are afforded the opportunity to combine interests in two of the following: Art (Visual or Aboriginal), Drama, Music, and Creative Writing into a developed and complementary 60 credit major. Additionally, students are required to meet Brandon University’s liberal education requirements (six credits each in the humanities, natural sciences and the social sciences) and designate a minor area of study.

For full degree requirements for the BA in Creative Arts consult page 103 of the Undergraduate Academic Calendar.


Aboriginal or Visual Art Stream

Courses provide a balance between art history and studio art courses. Students will complete 30 credit hours in either the Aboriginal Art stream or 30 credit hours in the Visual Art Stream.

Music Stream

The music stream is comprised of 30 credit hours. Nine credit hours of the 30 must be selected from among first year courses. Students electing the music stream must be advised by a School of Music faculty member. Applied Minor registration is subject to availability and requires the signature of the Dean of School of Music. A surcharge for applied study registration may apply. Courses for the music stream will be selected from among following:

Creative Writing Stream

Students will complete 30 credit hours in the Creative Writing Stream. Courses provide a balance between creative writing and the study of literature.

Drama Stream

The Drama stream is composed of 30 credit hours: 6 credit hours at the 100 level, 9 credit hours at the 200 level, 9 credit hours at the 300 level and 6 additional credit hours from a list of approved courses. Some of the cross-listed courses require a prerequisite of a least 3 credit hours of first year English.