The Department offers core theoretical courses in economic thought, micro economics, macro economics, international trade and finance and monetary theory and monetary institutions. As well, there is a wide variety of options in natural resource and environmental economics, labour economics and industrial relations, public finance, and agricultural economics.

Senior courses are relatively small and combine lectures and seminars. The emphasis in most courses is on mainstream economics but students are also exposed to the major controversies in economics and alternative perspectives from institutional, Marxian and post-Keynesian economics. Discussion and debate are promoted and students are encouraged to challenge the views of faculty members.

Students completing majors in economics are well-equipped to progress to graduate studies in economics, professional schools such as law and city planning and to find employment in both the public and private sectors.

Recent Student Projects

All students in senior courses are required to do essays as part of their course work. The department also offers the opportunity for students majoring in economics to undertake major research projects as an alternative to traditional courses. Some of the projects undertaken by students in recent years are:

  • Theories on the distribution of income
  • First-contract legislation
  • The economics of casino gambling
  • The economic and social impact of the Maple Leaf Foods pork plant in Brandon
  • Economic development in Indonesia

Post-B.A. Experience of Students

Many students graduating with a major in economics progress to graduate studies at the M.A. and Ph.D. levels and/or to professional schools and programs. Others go directly into employment where they have an opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge acquired in economics. The following examples from the list of students graduating with a degree in economics from Brandon University indicate the scope of opportunities available to students with a degree in economics.

  • M.A. in economics, University of Calgary, lawyer with Meighen Haddad & Co., Brandon.Ph.D. in economics, New School for Social Research, lawyer, private practice, Vancouver.
  • M.A. economics, University of Alberta, private consulting business, Vancouver.
  • M.A. economics, University of Alberta, Director of research and development, City of Edmonton.
  • M.A. economics, University of Manitoba, Economist, Manitoba Medical Association.
  • M.A. economics, University of Manitoba, Economist working for Indian bands in Manitoba.
  • Ph.D. economics, York University, Saskatchewan Energy Authority, Saskatoon.
  • Masters of Industrial Relations, University of Minnesota, General Motors, Detroit.
  • M.B.A., University of Calgary, computer systems manager, Royal Bank, Calgary.
  • Economist, China National Electronics, Shenzhen, China.
  • Industrial relations officer, Singapore Teachers Union.
  • M.A. Carleton, International Energy Agency, Paris.
  • M.A. University of Victoria, Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation, Winnipeg.
  • Appeals officer, Revenue Canada, Winnipeg.
  • Economic Analyst, Department of Finance Saskatchewan government, Regina.
  • Manager, Employment Centre, Inuvik.
  • General Manager, Chamber of Commerce, Rankin Inlet.
  • Administrator, Town of Alameda, Saskatchewan.

Many students who went directly into the labour market upon completion of their B.A. degree found employment with governments in Ottawa and the provinces in departments of finance, economic development and labour. Some became employees, managers, brokers and owners in the real estate, insurance and finance industries or entered accountancy programs. Others went to work for local governments and in the non-profit sector.

Programs of Study at BU

Students enrolled in economics may take 4-year specialist and general majors or a 3-year major. A minor in economics is also available, as are courses for students wishing to do a course or two that do not require pre-requisites.

Questions about the Program in Economics may be directed to Mr. Joe Dolecki at 204 727-9749 or at