English Jobs

The study of English, important for almost every occupation, can lead to careers in teaching, journalism, communications, media, law, government, creative writing, library work, publicity, advertising, book store management, and other business fields. English majors may take some time to find a good place in the workforce, but because the study of literature helps one to write well, to understand deeper cultural issues, and to broaden one’s critical thinking, English majors rise quickly above their entry-level jobs.  A number of employer surveys place oral and written communication skills either at the top or near the top in skills that employers want.

Recent BU English majors are doing post-graduate work at universities across Canada; teaching high school English and Adult Education; practicing law; working in marketing/advertising; writing for newspapers; ministering in churches; working in libraries; teaching English in Japan and Taiwan; teaching sessionally at universities and for Inter-Universities North.

One can find English majors in a surprising variety of occupations.

Famous English majors

English major career outcomes

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