Annual Fund

L-R: Jacqueline V. Sinclair, Seth Friesen, Ashley Taron

Your gift makes a difference to Students like Stanley, Titus, Jacqueline, Seth and Ashley.

Gifts from alumni and friends like you make Brandon University an outstanding institution, one that truly exemplifies a student-oriented and personalized education. Whether you give an unrestricted gift, or direct your donation to a particular faculty, department, scholarship, or bursary, you are providing exceptional opportunities for BU students.

Stanley Akhile

stanley-akhile“A big thanks to BU donors for assisting me and others in achieving academic success. I have become a role model to many aspiring nursing students, particularly those of African descent, because scholarships and bursaries provide me with the opportunity to study, compete, and excel in a profession that many strive to get into.”

  • Bachelor of Nursing ‘17
  • Aspirations: Acute Care, Nurse Practitioner Degree Program

Titus Lee

titus-lee“I am thankful to BU donors for their investment in my future. The scholarships and bursaries I have received encourage me to expand my university education and broaden my horizons.”

  • Bachelor of Music ‘17
  • Aspirations: Graduate studies in Urban Planning

Jacqueline V. Sinclair

jacqueline-sinclair“Donor support has provided me with the financial freedom to pursue my studies, the physical comforts of everyday living, and the time needed to focus on studies, and to spend with family and friends.”

  • Bachelor of Education ’17
  • Aspirations: Graduate studies, research, poetry author

Seth Friesen

seth-friesen“Having a full course load and playing volleyball leaves no time for a job. The scholarships I have received help immensely as they leave more time for studying. I have such gratitude for the donors who have alleviated my worries about how I will cover the cost of my tuition.”

  • Bachelor of Science ‘19, BU Bobcats Men’s Volleyball team member
  • Aspirations: Medical School

Ashley Taron

ashley-taron“My goal in coming to BU was to do something good for myself and teach my kids the importance of education. As a mature student I feel so comfortable here. That is one of the defining features that makes BU so great. I am grateful to have benefitted from bursary support and it makes me strive to be the best I can be.”

  • Bachelor of Business Administration – Honours ‘19
  • Aspirations: Human Resources

Here are just a few examples of how annual giving impacts BU students:

  • The purchase of essential teaching and resource tools including computer technology, allows students to work more effectively and professors to teach more interactively.
  • New and upgraded specialized lab equipment ensures that BU programs like Applied Disaster and Emergency Studies and Rural Development remain one-of-a-kind.
  • Residence upgrades provide students with a comfortable place to study and live.
  • New musical instruments allow our musicians to excel in performance.
  • New library resources give students access to a broader range of research and information.
  • Infrastructure upgrades help improve our facilities and beautify our campus.
  • Increased funding for student awards helps attract and retain the best and brightest students and gives students who may not otherwise have the means, the chance to pursue their post-secondary education, providing the opportunity of a lifetime.