Annual Fund

Your gift helps fulfill our academic mission to be a leading, engaged, innovative institution.

Whether your gift is directed to the University’s area of greatest need, to one of the priority funding areas noted below, to a scholarship or bursary, or to another area of interest to you, your contribution makes a significant impact on our current and future generations of students.

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Campus Master Plan Initiatives

Artist's rendering of what the Brandon University campus could look like in the future.

This artist’s rendering imagines how Brandon University could grow for decades into the future, under the guidance of our new Campus Master Plan.

BU’s Campus Master Plan lays out a long-term vision for the physical growth and enhancement of BU’s main campus and high-level direction for the planning of our other campus locations. Enhanced landscaping, tree planting, improved signage, and the addition of benches will all lend to a welcoming, student-centered and experiential-learning environment that facilitates innovation, teaching and learning, research, recreation, and socialization.

BU50 logoThe 50th Fund & Brandon College Heritage Fund

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of BU by contributing to The 50th Fund, a $50,000 initiative to support our five faculties/schools. Or, give to the Brandon College Heritage Fund to support the preservation of the history and archives of Brandon College.

Research and Innovation

Female student examining a human skullBrandon University has researchers in each of our faculties and schools with state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities across campus to support their work. Music therapy, small town tourism, fossil plants and global warming, and targeting high-grade brain tumors are just a few examples of our research. Help fund our facilities and projects such as these. Learn more about our innovative research initiatives.

A Few Examples of How Your Annual Gift Helps BU Students:

  • Male student pouring liquid into beakerThe purchase of essential teaching and resource tools, including computer technology, allows students to work more effectively and professors to teach more interactively.
  • New and upgraded specialized lab equipment ensures that BU programs remain one-of-a-kind.
  • Residence upgrades provide students with a comfortable place to study and live.
  • New musical instruments allow our musicians to excel in performance.
  • New library resources give students access to a broader range of research and information.
  • Infrastructure upgrades help improve our facilities and beautify our campus.
  • Increased funding for student awards helps attract and retain the best and brightest students, rewards academic excellence, and provides the chance to pursue post-secondary education to those who may not otherwise have the means.