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Every donor plays a pivotal role in improving and enhancing our programs and services for students. The collective contributions from alumni and friends help fund ongoing needs such as lab equipment and instruments, learning space renovations, technology upgrades, library resources, research tools and materials. They also provide increased scholarship and bursary support, rewarding academic achievement and assisting students in need.

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Janice Dutchak

Janice Dutchak, BA (Hon) ’23

“Without the remarkably generous support of donors, I would never have had the opportunity to apply to law school or receive my education at Brandon University. The kindness and generosity of donors allow students to achieve their dreams. I hope to be able to do the same one day and help another student like me reach their greatest potential.”

Two students talking on a benchOne of the best ways you can give is by supporting the Area of Greatest Need. This allows us to address our most pressing priorities and ensures that your gift is directed where it will make the most impact. From capital projects to program expansions, equipment upgrades, and so much more, your gift to the Area of Greatest Need helps students directly.

You can also choose to direct your gift to a specific faculty, school, scholarship, or other area of interest to you. Regardless of the size of your gift, or where you choose to direct it, your support makes a meaningful difference. Together, we are building the next generation of leaders.

Dr. David Docherty, BU President & Vice-Chancellor

Dr. David Docherty, BU President & Vice-Chancellor

“Regional universities are the focal point of a community. We provide greater access to education by welcoming student diversity and those who may not be accepted at larger institutions. We serve our communities and share our knowledge with the country and the world, through our research and teaching. Brandon University has a long history of providing students with their first taste of post-secondary education. We are proud to continue this tradition today.”