Reasons for Giving

Why do you choose to support Brandon University? Whether your connection to BU is recent, or a fond and familiar memory, your reason matters. It’s the generosity of people like you who bring Brandon University to life, and we are so thankful for that support.

Ms. Karen Lam, BA ’91

As a proud alumna of Brandon University, I’m always looking for ways to show my gratitude to the institution, the community and all the people who set an incredible foundation for my life and career. Now, as a professional screenwriter and feature film director,

I want to be able to encourage students to follow their own dreams: to study the topics that send their imaginations soaring and to remember that education is about challenging our minds.

It’s about developing critical thought and finding solutions to make this world better for all of us.

Dr. Robert and Mrs. Mary Annis

Covid has afforded lots of time for thinking about lives lived, life’s adventures and of the many blessings and rewarding experiences we have had. Brandon and Brandon University featured prominently in this reminiscing.

Brandon became our home for almost 30 years. We found the community generous and inviting to us as new comers, a great place to raise our young family and over time, as we grew to better know the community, presented fabulous opportunities to engage in numerous community-building organizations and activities. Indeed, Brandon rendered our whole family a vibrant, active, engaged and fulfilling experience.

When contemplating how to give something back, a financial donation to BU seemed a relatively straight forward thing to do and would also be a way of giving back to Brandon, as the University and the City are so intertwined.

Mr. Ramjit Singh Mann,
on behalf of the Brandon Sikh Community

This Scholarship would present an opportunity to recognize and raise awareness about human rights violations around the world. Sikhs are strong believers in education and believe that all humankind has the right to education.

We feel our contribution to education is one of the best ways to help youth. The knowledge or wisdom gained through education would be applied to the welfare of humanity.

Learn more about this new scholarship founded by the local Sikh community that supports Brandon University(BU) students who demonstrate an interest in studying human rights issues.

Dr. David Docherty,
BU President & Vice-Chancellor

An investment in education always pays dividends, and BU is making those investments. Our donors and alumni are extremely important partners in helping us as we chart our next steps.