BU Foundation

The Brandon University Foundation supports the University in a fund-raising capacity while providing management recommendations to the Board of Governors concerning endowments.

The activities, roles and responsibilities of the Foundation members, the Brandon University Alumni Association, and the University, are governed by the Tripartite Agreement.

Since March 5, 1999 The Brandon University Foundation has adhered to the Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code set out by Imagine Canada.

As a donor, you deserve certain rights, such as a right to the privacy of your personal information; the right to receive honest answers about giving; the right to expect accountability in financial statements; the right to know how your gift is being used; the right to receive appropriate recognition for your gift, and others. These rights are enshrined in The Donor’s Bill of Rights (developed in conjunction with the international Association of Fundraising Professionals, or AFP).

Brandon University Foundation Board Members

  • President – Mr. Dwight Conroy
  • Vice President – vacant
  • Past-President –Mr. Rob McLennan
  • Treasurer – Ms Tilda Fortier
  • BOG OIC Rep. (Appointed) – Mr. Brad Zander
  • BUAA Rep. (Appointed) – Mr. Chris Hunt
  • BUSU Rep. (Appointed) – Mr. Iyiola Sanya
  • BOG Senate Rep. – Dr. Breanna Lawrence
  • BOG Student Rep. – Ms Taylor Friesen
  • Member – Mr. Laurence Bertram
  • Member – Mr. Jeff Fawcett
  • Member – Ms Leah LaPlante
  • Member – Mr. Mike Leech
  • Member – Dr. Donna Michaels
  • Member – Mr. Gerald Butler
  • Member – Mr. Kevin Hooke
  • Member – Ms Lavone Lesperance-Caron
  • Member Mr. Ray Berthelette
  • Member – Dr. William Myers
  • Ex-Officio President & Vice Chancellor – Dr. David Docherty
  • Ex-Officio Vice President (Academic & Provost) – Dr. Steven Robinson
  • Ex-Officio Vice President Administration & Finance – Mr. Scott Lamont
  • Ex-Officio Director, Advancememt & Alumni Affairs – Mrs. Carla Eisler
  • Ex-Officio – His Worship Mayor Rick Chrest

The Brandon University Foundation produces an annual report.