Student Status

Regular Admission

Regular Admission is assigned to students who have satisfied all requirements for admission as Graduate Diploma or Master”s degree candidates.

Special Admission

Graduate Special Status may be assigned, upon the recommendation of a Faculty graduate department, to students who may not satisfy all requirements for Regular status admission. Graduate Special status may be assigned when:

  1. students wish to enroll in Master’s-level courses without seeking admission to a graduate program;
  2. a Faculty Graduate Committee/Department has stipulated that certain review courses must be completed before Regular status may be granted;
  3. in the case of Music students, special students and students admitted conditionally who are required to complete any specified undergraduate course(s) must earn a grade of no lower than “B-” in that course(s) before being considered for regular graduate status.
  4. an applicant’s credentials are from institutions whose curricula cannot be immediately assessed;
  5. not all supporting documents required for Regular status admission ( e.g. official documentation of an acceptable TOEFL score) are provided.

Normally students may accumulate no more than 9 credit hours of Master”s-level courses under Graduate Special status. Credits accumulated under Graduate Special status are designated for NON-DEGREE CREDIT only, with a NIL degree program. Students subsequently granted Regular status may petition to have courses completed under Graduate Special status applied to their Graduate program of studies.

Note: Music students are strongly advised to consult the School of Music or the Brandon University website for curriculum changes.

Visitor Admission

Visitor Status enables students to enroll in courses at Brandon University for credit at other institutions. Applicants for Visitor status must present a Letter of Permission from their home institution guaranteeing transfer of credit. The Letter of Permission must accompany the admission application. Visitor admission cannot be granted until receipt of this letter.

Department decisions regarding student status may be appealed to the Senate Graduate Studies Committee.

Conditional Admission

Conditional status may be assigned to a student who has applied for Graduate – Regular status but does not meet graduate admission requirements. A Conditional Graduate Student must complete the missing requirement and/or extra courses and/or attain a predetermined level of performance in order to achieve Regular status.

A Conditional student must be formally reviewed by the School or Faculty within two terms of the first registration in the program and a recommendation either to remove the Conditional status or to withdraw from the program must be forwarded to the Dean of the Faculty or School for action.

Conditional student status shall not be extended beyond the first two terms and the maximum number of graduate-level credits a Conditional student may complete is 12. Students who successfully satisfy the terms of their Conditional status shall not be required to re-apply for admission. The conditional year of studies will not be counted in the time allowed to complete the Master’s degree.