• To conduct institutional analysis by defining, collecting, maintaining, and disseminating institutional data, information and research about all aspects of the University.
  • To undertake value-added analysis, including process mapping and review, for decision making purposes, that is accessible, useable, and user friendly that supports the activities of the University mission related to the University’s academic, enrolment and budget planning.
  • To ensure all centrally maintained data bases define and collect data that meets the needs of the University, and to vet all institutional information reporting to ensure that it accurately and appropriately reflects the institution.
  • To provide reporting on official University data to the senior academic and administrative officers, faculty and staff of the University, the public at large, Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning, and external governmental and community agencies.
  • To support planning and decision-making with accurate, consistent, reliable information incorporating collaboration, innovation, timeliness, and integrity.
  • To identify data collection and information standards within the post-secondary education sector (eg. at a provincial or national level) and its implications and applications to Brandon University.