Mental Health on the Prairies

October 12-14, 2016
Brandon University, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

The conference hosted by Brandon University, Faculty of Health Studies along with Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living is aiming to foster a space for productive dialogue and connection between academics, service providers, and individuals with lived experience of mental illness, mental health and recovery. Themes will include:

  • The circumstances and experiences of Indigenous persons and communities on the prairies, with an eye to furthering the goals of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s recently issued report and its recommendations;
  • The significance of rural and urban environments to mental-health experiences;
  • The complexities and impact of social location and the social determinants of health, including race and ethnicity, gender and sexual identities, class and socioeconomic status, ability and disability, etc.
  • Access to supports and services, the appropriateness of those currently available, and possibilities for other varieties of, or alternatives to, existing institutions and practices;
  • Policies and politics affecting mental health;
  • Philosophical, theoretical, or ethical issues relevant to mental-health experience, conceptualization, treatment, or support;
  • Experiences of stigma, and interventions that promote destigmatization of mental illness and treatment.


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