Credit Card Payment by 3rd Party Processing Service (Plastiq)

Students can now make online credit card payments through Plastiq’s secure online system at Credit card payments for tuition and housing will only be accepted through Plastiq’s online service and not at the on-campus offices of Financial & Registration Services or Ancillary Services.

 Plastiq is an independent, third party service provider you may use to make a payment via credit card. Ensure that you understand Plastiq’s Terms of Service ( before using their services. Plastiq charges users a transaction fee which goes directly to Plastiq and not to the University. This transaction fee will show up on your credit card statement as a separate charge.

 You will be asked for an email address at the time of payment. Plastiq will use this email address to send a confirmation of your payment immediately after it is made. You should also check your credit card and Brandon University account in three to six business days to ensure your payment has been processed. Payments for your student accounts must be received at Brandon University by the posted deadline dates. Allow for sufficient time for the payment to reach Financial & Registration Services by the payment deadline date.

 Please note that although Plastiq’s services are made available to Brandon University students, Plastiq is in no way affiliated with, related to, or partnered with Brandon University. Disputes regarding Plastiq’s services must be resolved between Plastiq and the student. Brandon University does not answer any questions related to Plastiq; however, you can call Plastiq directly at 1-844-PLASTIQ (1-844-752-7847) or at