Message to Non PENT Students

PENT courses are scheduled for PENT students. PENT students are working as teacher assistants in over fifty (50) schools in central and northern Manitoba. They will come on campus to begin their courses the first Monday in April. PENT courses are administered separately from other on-campus courses.


Most class sizes are limited to 35 students.These spaces are reserved for PENT students, however, should not all spaces be needed for PENT students, we will be pleased to accept other students.The exact number of spaces available in each course will only be known after PENT students have registered. Non-PENT students may begin registering the last Monday in March at the PENT office (for April courses only).

Students with no more than six (6) credits left in order to graduate in October  may request the Dean to send PENT a letter verifying this, along with cheque and registration form from the student for courses. This student will have priority over the waiting list to get into a PENT course.

The Sign Up Book

Starting the first Monday in March Non-PENT students will be able to place their names on a Waiting List in the PENT Office. Sponsored students should include the name of his or her sponsor. This list is merely to establish priority for spaces that may be available for spring and summer courses. This is not your registration.

Students whose sponsor is also a sponsor of PENT students will be given priority over other non-PENT students.

2021 Message to Non-PENT Students