Exam Timetables

Exam Timetables will confirm date, time, type of exam and location of all in-person exams. To check if a course will have a final exam scheduled and what the date of that exam will be prior to publication of the Exam Timetable, refer to the course listings in the online Registration Guide.

2023/24 Regular Session

December 2023 (Fall Term) Exam Timetable – coming in November 2023

April 2024 (Winter Term) Exam Timetable – coming in March 2024

Examinations for the Faculty of Education will run at different dates. Contact the Faculty of Education Office for further information.

University Examination Policy (Effective 2019 Fall Exam Period)

Exam Rescheduling Request

Note to Current Students

Access to your final grades, GPA and academic assessment (if applicable) is through the online Student Information portal.  Access may be restricted if you have an outstanding balance owing to Brandon University.