Scholarships and Awards

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The purpose of the Brandon University scholarship program is to recognize scholarly excellence and to attract and provide incentives for students to study at Brandon University.

RDI Thesis Preparation Grant

Terms of Reference:

Through funding from the Intergovernmental Affairs, the Rural Development Institute has been able to pledge a grant to each student enrolled in the MRD for the purpose of preparing the thesis. Once the Thesis Committee has approved the student’s thesis proposal, the fund is made available.

Value of Award is up to $ 1000 (against receipts)

Henry Wiebe Scholarship


The Henry F. Wiebe Awards were launched at a banquet at the Victoria Inn on Friday, March 10, 2000. These awards are in recognition of The Honourable Henry F. Wiebe, former Mayor of the town of Winkler, and a highly respected citizen of the province of Manitoba. The awards recognize the contribution that Henry F. Wiebe made to rural community development in Winkler and to many other communities in Manitoba.

Henry F. Wiebe Graduate Award in Rural Community and Economic Development

The Henry F. Wiebe Graduate Award in Rural community and Economic Development will be granted to a full-time student enrolled in any year of the Master or Graduate Diploma in Rural Development at Brandon University. Recommended by the Director of the rural Development Program, in consultation with the Henry F. Wiebe Committee,, and approved by the Senate Scholarships Committee, this award is based on community involvement and a desire to pursue a career in rural community development. Application forms must be submitted to the Senate Awards Office. Applications can be obtained at the University Senate Awards office or through the office of Rural Development. Recipients will have the opportunity to participate in rural development initiatives. Students may be granted this award more than once. Award values may range up to a maximum of $3,000 per award.

The Canadian Policy Research Awards

The Canadian Policy Research Awards were developed to honour and celebrate the innovative thinking of talented individuals who have worked to create and disseminate policy research knowledge.  They were first introduced in November 1999 and awarded to three Canadians for their outstanding contributions to public policy development under the following categories:

The Career Achievement Award recognizes and honours individuals who have made significant policy research contributions in the areas of generating, transmitting, receiving, implementing and leadership.  It was presented to Thomas Kierans, Chairman and CEO of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, for his outstanding contributions to the field of policy research.

The Citizen Engagement Award focuses on enriching the relationship between government and citizens.  It involves a mutual learning process and ultimately leads to better decision making. This award was presented to the late Suzanne Peters, founding member of the Canadian Policy Research Networks, who spent much of her professional life developing new and innovative ways to bring the public into the policy development process.

Finally, the Media Award is dedicated to recognizing outstanding work in print or broadcast media that examines and analyzes public policy research in a Canadian context. It was presented to journalist Bruce Little of the Globe and Mail for the clarity and depth of his analysis in explaining research findings that have an impact on public policy.

The purpose of the Canadian Policy Research Awards is to recognize and encourage excellence in the advancement and use of research that contributes to public policy development. They were developed by the Government of Canada’s Policy Research Initiative with the assistance of individuals representing Canadian universities, non-governmental research organizations, as well as federal government departments and agencies.

This November will mark the second Canadian Policy Research Awards. In addition to last year’s presentations, three new Awards have been developed and will be introduced at the Awards Dinner on November 30, 2000. The new Awards are:

The Graduate Prizes were created in collaboration with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council to celebrate the next generation of researchers who have demonstrated the potential to make a contribution to public policy development; the Knowledge Broker Award recognized innovative practices in the integration and dissemination of policy research; and finally, the Outstanding Research Contribution Award includes three separate awards, one presented for excellence on an annual theme and two for exemplary research work on any Canadian public policy issues.

Agrium Inc. Bursary in Rural Development

Terms of Reference:

To be awarded to a graduate student enrolled in full-time studies in the Master of Rural Development program.

Date of First Award:


Value of Award when fully funded:

1 award @ $1,800

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Bursaries in Rural Development

Terms of Reference:

To be awarded on the basis of financial need, to students who are enrolled full-time in either the Masters or the Graduate Diploma program in Rural Development at Brandon University.

Date, Number and Value of Awards:

Year 2003: 2 awards @ $900 each
Year 2004: 2 awards @ $1,000 each
Year 2005 (onward): 2 awards @ $1,000 each

Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba Scholarship at Brandon University

Terms of Reference:

To be awarded to an outstanding student who is a Manitoba resident enrolled full time at Brandon University, with preference given to students enrolled in the Business Administration, or Rural Development program at either the undergraduate or graduate level.  The recipient may be invited to the Provincial Exhibition Annual Meeting, President’s Dinner and Grand Prix at the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair.  The recipient may receive this award only once.

Date of First Award:


Value of Award when fully funded:

1 award @ $1,000

Shur-Gro Scholarship in Rural Development

Terms of Reference:

The Shur-Gro Scholarship in Rural development will be awarded to a rural Manitoba student enrolled in the Rural Development program at Brandon University.

Value of Award when fully funded:

1 award @ $900