Sexualized Violence Education and Prevention Coordinator

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Jessica Laxdal

Jessica Laxdal has been the Sexual Violence Education and Prevention Coordinator at Brandon University since late 2023. Jessica has more than 13 years of experience in sexual violence and prevention, investigation, survivor support, and navigating the legal and criminal justice systems. She has worked closely with equity-seeking groups and Indigenous peoples and knows the University and our communities well. Jessica aims to be a strong and visible presence on campus, so please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to her, and to seek her expertise.

Jessica’s extensive network within local social services positions her to provide optimal support for survivors, fostering a collaborative approach that enhances the well-being of individuals. This network not only aids in supporting survivors but also facilitates the implementation of effective education and prevention initiatives on campus, creating a safer and more informed community.

The Sexualized Violence Education and Prevention Coordinator is available to meet with all members of the Brandon University Community (students, faculty, and staff), who have experienced or witnessed sexualized violence. Jessica works closely with Student Services and Human Resources to ensure individuals receive the support and information they may require.

At Brandon University, we believe that only you can decide what are the appropriate steps to take. Our goal is to provide you with all of your options and take our direction from you, as to how you would like to proceed. As we continue to develop our information and resources, these options will be provided on our site for our entire community to access.

Jessica’s role is to oversee campus-wide initiatives related to raising awareness, education, prevention, support, and empowering environment for survivors of sexualized violence. This includes the development and delivery of appropriate supports for survivors of sexualized violence on our campus.

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