Brandon University’s Department of Sociology prepares you for active participation in the world around you, by involving you in study, discovery, accumulation, and dissemination of knowledge about societal and community processes, issues, problems and needs. You will learn about how and why human groups are as they are, how sociologists conduct research and how they share their ideas with others and influence the communities we live in. Sociology students at Brandon University have an opportunity to study areas such as criminology, social problems, family life, rural and community development, deviant behaviour, gender relations, social psychology, medicine and the sociology of health and illness.

The Department regularly offers a wide variety of courses that will help you develop the practical skills needed to critically assess and understand society. These include introductory courses that will offer you a general overview of the field of Sociology and what Sociologists do as well as more advanced courses in research methods and theory that will help you hone your ability to systematically collection information about the world in which you live and view that information from differing perspectives.

Recent Honours Degree Projects/Theses Topics:

  • Attitudes toward Parental Leave
  • Commercialization of Breast Cancer
  • Globalization and Obesity
  • Attitudes toward Masculinity