Invited Speakers

The Tourism Research Cente has hosted a number of guest speakers since 2003.

Mr. Andrew Couturier, Bird Studies Canada, February, 2019

Mr. Couturier is the Senior Director, Landscape Science and Conservation National GIS Lab, Bird Studies Canada. His presentation wast titled, “Birding (Yes, Birding) is a Multi-Billion Dollar Ecotourism Industry.” In addition to speaking about the value of birding to tourism, Mr. Couturier also presented Bird Studies Canada as an example of how NGOs play a pivotal role in ecosystem and species management but also tourism, recreation and leisure.

The Tourism Research Centre, along with the Rural Development Institute, hosted a Public Forum on the Impacts of the Sand Hills Casino being built near Carberry, February 2014

The panel included a video presentation via Skype from Dr. Wes Roehl of Temple University in Pennsylvania. This was followed by a panel discussion by: Dr. Tom Hinch (University of Alberta), Mr. Ralph Oliver (Reeve, North Cypress), Mr. Stuart Olmstead (Councillor, Carberry), Robert Jewsbury (Mayor, Glenboro), Steve Bjornson (Councillor, Glenboro), Suzanne Barbeau-Bracegirdle (Aseneskak Casino), and Lois MacDonald (Brandon Tourism).

Dr. Tom Hinch, University of Alberta, February, 2014

Dr. Hinch is a professor and associate dean of Community and International Engagement with the Faculty of Physical Education the University of Alberta. His research includes ways tourist experience the places they visit and in the issues of sustainability. His recent work includes the context of sport in tourism and gaming tourism. He gave a lecture to a Human Geography class titled:  Sport Tourism, Place and the Canadian Death Race.

Dr. Tatjana Thimm, Konstanz University of Applied Sciences, September 2013

Dr. Thimm is a professor in Tourism Management at the Konstanz University of Applied Sciences in Germany. Her research interests include sustainable tourism, cultural tourism, destination management, and tourism marketing. Regions she has studied include Germany, Argentina, Spain and India (Kerala). Her public lecture was titled: A Comparison of Management Styles of Cross Border Destinations: Lake Constance, Upper Rhine and the Catlins in New Zealand.

Dr. Senese, University of British Columbia Okanagan, March 2009

Dr. Senese is an Associate Professor in Community, Culture and Global Studies at the University of British Columbia Okanagan. Her research interests include, Tourism, Parks and Protected Areas; Landscapes of Wine: Ecumene, Iconography and Cultural Diffusion; Wine, Food and Agriculture: Commodified Conceptions of Rurality; and, Hazards, Gender and Vulnerability. Her public lecture was titled: “Rural Tourism as Catalyst for Amenity Migration: A Comparative Examination of the Wine Regions of British Columbia, Tuscany and Andalucia Spain.

Dr. Cawley, National university of Ireland in Galway, March 2009

Dr. Cawley is a professor of Geography at the National University of Ireland in Galway. Her research interests relate to the geography social and economic change in rural areas, including, rural-urban commuting and its impacts; population change and migration; the role of small and medium sized enterprises in the rural economy; and, rural tourism. Her public lecture was titled: “Adding Value Through Integration: A Strategic Approach to Rural Tourism Development Using Examples from Ireland”.

Dr. Dallen Timothy, Arizona State University, March 2008

Dr. Dallen Timothy is an Associate Professor in the School of Community Resources and Development at Arizona State University. His research areas include: heritage tourism, peripheral and underdevelopment, political boundaries and tourism, and religion and tourism. He is the author of more than 60 journal articles and author or coauthor of more than a dozen books. He is currently the editor of the Journal of Heritage Tourism. Dr. Timothy was invited as a keynote speaker to the Biennial Conference organized by BU’s Rural Development Graduate Students. While in Manitoba, Dr. Timothy gave guest lectures in Dr. Ramsey’s Tourism and Recreation Class and attended a Travel Manitoba Luncheon in Russell, Manitoba. The title of his presentation was Borders, Security and Tourism Development.

Dr. Rhonda Koster, Lakehead University, March 2008

A popular speaker invited to BU in 2003, Dr. Koster was invited as a keynote speaker to the Biennial Conference organized by BU’s Rural Development Graduate Students. Dr. Koster is an Associate Professor in the School of Outdoor Recreation, Parks and in Tourism at Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario. In both research and teaching, Koster focuses on rural community-based tourism, where she is committed to working with and for communities. The title of her presentation was How can we make this work? Building capacity in First Nations for Tourism Development.

Dr. Daniel Scott, University of Waterloo, Ontario Canada, March 2006

Dr. Daniel Scott is a Canada Research Chair in Global Change and Tourism (SSHRC Tier 2) at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. His current research program focuses on a number of themes: Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change, Tourism-Environment Interactions, Climate Change and Tourism/Recreation, Climate Change and Protected Areas/Parks, Demographic Change and Recreation/Tourism, and ‘Snowbirds’ Tourism. Dr. Scott was invited to Tourism Research Week and the Rural Development Graduate Students Biennial Conference at BU.

Dr. Paul Frederic, University of Maine and Liz Frederic, October 2004

As part of their sabbatical travels, the Frederic’s gave an invited lecture to Brandon University titled, International Tourism Issues: SARS in China and North America.

Dr. Rhonda Koster, University of Saskatchewan, October 2003

Dr. Rhonda Koster is an Assistant Professor at Lakehead University. Her lecture was part of Brandon University’s Liberal Arts Speaker Series.

Dr. Alison Gill Simon Fraser University, March 2003

Dr. Alison Gill is a professor of the School of Resource and Environmental Management in the Geography Department at Simon Fraser University. She gave the keynote address at the Graduate Student Conference: Rural Canada: Issues and Insights. To view her profile click here.

Dr. John Everitt, Brandon University, March 2003

Dr. Everitt is Professor of Geography at Brandon University. He gave the lunch address at the Graduate Student Conference: Rural Canada: Issues and Insights. The Title of his talk was Bittersweet Times: Changing Lifestyles in the British Pub. For Dr. Everitt’s contact information click here.