Wellness Committee Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference
General Information

Brandon University Wellness Committee is a service committee encouraging and promoting positive physical and mental well-being through various campus initiatives, education, and partnerships with community organizations and resources.  The committee membership aims to reflect the diversity of staff and faculty by being inclusive and accessible.  The Committee’s goals are to offer supports and education regarding physical and psychological health and wellness in the workplace, to promote a positive campus culture, and to encourage staff and faculty to access information and resources related to working in a healthy environment.  The Committee works in collaboration with other university groups whose purpose is to address mental and physical health and wellness of staff, faculty and students in an effort to promote the overall well-being of the Brandon University community.

Committee Composition

As a service committee, it is comprised of Brandon University staff and faculty members. The aim is to encourage participation from all areas on campus.  The committee includes, but is not limited to:

  • Chair – Associate Vice-President, People & Talent or designate
  • Recorder – for minute-taking
  • Membership
    • Representation: Staff and faculty from all departments, faculties or units on campus

The committee members’ two-year term (to a maximum of 2 consecutive terms) aligns with the academic year: September 1 to August 31. Terms will be staggered to provide consistency and continuity.   A call to determine interest by existing members to remain on the committee will take place by August 1.  Should there be areas on campus without representation, a general call for members will take place before August 31.


Meeting Guidelines

  • Meetings will normally be held bi-monthly. Subject to requirements for planning specific initiatives or launching campaigns additional meetings may be scheduled.
  • Members will make every effort to attend meetings or send a designate from their area
  • Quorum: for the purposes of making budgetary decisions, an e-vote may be required if sufficient representation is not present at a meeting.
  • Agenda: The Chair will circulate an agenda electronically in advance of the meeting
  • Minutes: The Recorder will take minutes and circulate electronically to all committee members


Wellness: a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.1 Wellness is the full integration of Occupational, Physical, Social, Intellectual, Spiritual and Emotional well-being.2


1The World Health Organization

2National Wellness Institute

Budget and Approval Process

  • An annual budget will be prepared by the committee and presented to Senior Administration in line with the University Planning cycle. Budgets are subject to approval and activities will be planned once the budget has been approved.   Expenses incurred will follow established University policy.
  • An annual report will be submitted to Administration documenting all activities and initiatives, along with related expenses at the end of each fiscal year.




Approved:  August 2018