Naomi Leadbeater

Naomi Leadbeater

Naomi Leadbeater is completing a Master’s in Music Education at Brandon University. Her thesis topic is: A music educator’s exploration of incorporating Aboriginal and Indigenous perspectives in the classroom: A practitioner action-based research study. Dr. Shelia J. Scott, Dr. Sheelagh Chadwick and Dr. Chris Beeman are her advisors, with anticipated graduation December 2019. She completed a Bachelor of Music, with a specialization in Music Education from Brandon University in 2003. In addition to working on her master’s, Naomi is employed with Mini University.

Naomi`s past work experience includes 15 years as a private piano and voice instructor along with editorial and writing experience in a Music Education journal and with various independent authors. She has held a graduate assistantship and filled in as a substitute lecturer in Early Years’ Music Education for Exceptional Learners and Ethnomusicology and the Canadian Musician at Brandon University when professors were absent .

Naomi runs the gamut from restaurant and project management to community development coordinator. Prior to returning to school, Naomi served on numerous community boards and committees including The Marquis Project (President) , Walking with our Sisters, Brandon Community Gardens, and many others since moving to Brandon to pursue a Bachelor of Music in 1999.

Originally, from a farm near the Pembina River, Naomi hopes to complete her PhD on the prairies, exploring themes and intersections of decolonization from a settler perspective in music education.

Nominator’s Comments

Naomi is a Masters of Music student, with all her course work completed and she is all-but defense on her thesis. I nominate Naomi Leadbeater for her involvement in Mini University, and Indigenous activities, and in the community at large.