Teaching and Learning Goals, Objectives, and Outcomes

A Primer on Writing Learner-Centered Course Goals by Robert K. Noyd

Effective Use of Performance Objectives for Learning and Assessment

Writing Measurable Learning Outcomes by Sandi Osters and F. Simone Tiu (easy, two page summary with clear information and examples.

Writing Learning Outcomes YouTube video by Martha Greatrix (3:35 minutes). Excellent short video with good basic information.

Bloom’s Taxonomy -“Revised”Key Words, Model Questions, & Instructional Strategies: Compiled by IUPUI Center for Teaching and Learning  downloadable file

From Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO):

Learning Outcomes Assessment: A Practitioner’s Handbook: from Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario

Link to Report on the Handbook

HEQCO – Learning Outcomes Webinars Fall-Winter 2015

The Challenges of Assessing Learning Outcomes in Higher Education

Part I: Making the Culture Shift: Faculty Engagement in Learning Outcomes Assessment from September 24, 2015

Part II: Assessing the Student Experience: Student Affairs Learning Outcomes from October 29, 2015

Part III:  The Challenges of Assessing Critical Thinking from November 26 2015

Recorded versions and slides available at this link: http://www.heqco.ca/en-ca/OurPriorities/LearningOutcomes/Pages/The-challenges-of-assessing-learning-outcomes-in-higher-education-webinars.aspx

HEQCO – Learning Outcomes Webinars Spring 2015: Links to recorded versions of webinars and PowerPoint slides:

Webinar 1, March 30, 2015 – Getting started: Who’s doing what and why you should care
Webinar 2, April 30, 2015 – Common ground: The language of learning outcomes
Webinar 3, May 28, 2015 – Building a better toolkit