Learning Management System (Moodle)

Log on to BU Moodle

What is Moodle: YouTube video from Nellie Deutsch showing basics components of Moodle (10:52 minutes)

Download the book Using Moodle: 2nd Edition by Jason Cole and Helen Foster (2008).

Managing a Moodle Course: text-based tutorials for how to set up your Moodle courses from MoodledDocs, including: editing text, activities, resources, quizzes, course enrolment, grouping users, grade book, tracking progress, and reusing activities.

Managing Moodle Content: text-based tutorials for how to manage the content your add to your Moodle site, including: text files, image files, sound files, video files, YouTube links,  repositories, portfolios, maths symbols, emoticons, and plagiarism prevention.

Moodle Tutorial Videos: Best of YouTube: from the Moonami Blog

Moodle Answers is a tutorial resource created for instructors & students at the University of Lethbridge. Some tutorials have information that may not apply at BU (for example Clickers) but the tutorials for basic information are well done.

Good Moodle Course Example: (1:58 minutes video) Weekly design

Teaching with Moodle: Best Practices for Course Design  (22:37 minute video)- Michelle Moore

Gamify your Moodle Courses in under 20 Minutes (20 minute video)


Quiz Module in Managing a Moodle Course

How to Create a Quiz in Moodle: Simplified! by Ravi Makhija YouTube video (8:06 min)

Effective Uses of Quizzes in Moodle: from E-Teach UK: Educational Blog “The Use of E-Learning and Learning Technology in Teaching”


Chapter 9: Glossaries: comprehensive and clear instructions for using glossaries in Moodle from Moodle.org.

Using Moodle Glossary: from Managing a Moodle Course

The Glossary Module: 10 Ways to Make this Old Dog Do New Tricks from Michelle Moore

Teaching with Moodle: Creative Ideas for Using Glossaries

Moodle Glossary: by Stan Skrabut, YouTube video (2:54 min video)

How to Use Moodle Glossary: detailed instructions to set up by Wendy Arlidge of East Berkshire College: YouTube video (7:25 minutes)