Conservatory of Music
Get Musical!

Get Musical!Everyone deserves the best music education available, so when you enroll at the Eckhardt-Gramatte Conservatory of Music, you get just that.

Music lessons for all ages!

Music lessons for all ages!Whether preparing for the local festival, international competition or just learning to play the songs you love, the Eckhardt-Gramatte Conservatory of Music has a program for you.

  1. Looking for private music lessons?

    Our music teachers are ready to get you started. We offer instruction in piano, voice, strings, guitar, percussion, recorder and all band instruments. Come check us out.

  2. We offer Individual or Group instruction

    Group instruction is a great way to get started in music. Our Kindermusik program is an ideal bridge to private lessons. Our very popular Suzuki program combines group instruction with private lessons. Classes are available for ages 3 and up.


The Eckhardt-Gramatté Conservatory of Music is devoted to nurturing the musical potential found in all human beings. Through the arts, the human spirit can achieve its deepest fulfillment.